Palmer Dabbelt

A photo of me

I am currently employed at SiFive. While at SiFive I will be managing the RISC-V ports of various open source projects. I currentnly maintain binutils and GCC, and I am in the process of submitting Linux and glibc ports (which I have offered to maintain). In addition to these software projects, I write the "All Aboard" blog series.

My calendar is availiable online and is generally kept up-to-date. Green events signify that I need to be in the office, so I might need some time to get around. If you would like to schedule an event, feel free to just pick a time and send me an email.

I can be reached by email. I've also uploaded my resume, but since I'm not currently looking for a job it's probably fairly out of date. My GPG key is also availiable.