Palmer Dabbelt

A photo of me

I am currently employed at SiFive. While at SiFive I will be managing the RISC-V ports of various open source projects. I currently maintain:

My calendar is availiable online and is generally kept up-to-date. Unless otherwise specified, blue events are on campus while all other colors are off campus. I am generally in my office when I'm on campus, but you should schedule a meeting ahead of time if possible.

I can be reached by email. I've also uploaded my resume, but since I'm not currently looking for a job it's probably fairly out of date. My GPG key is also availiable.

If you're looking for me to get something done, then the best way to go about this is to submit a pull request against my TODO list.


Here's a list of the projects I have worked on in the past:

Academic History

I graduated in 2011 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, where I was advised by Sanjay Patel and Steve Lumetta.

I will soon graduate from the University of California: Berkeley with a M.S in Computer Science, where I was advised by Krste Asanovic and Jonathan Bachrach.